“We are Ryan and Farzeen, the creators of Joyful Indulgence. Growing up, we were spoiled by Moms who loved to bake, and were darn good at it. Coming home to freshly baked cookies, cakes and other delights, still warm from the oven, are just some of the fond memories of our childhood that instilled a passion for baking within us.

Farzeen has always been known as the ‘dessert guy’ – both for making desserts and for eating them! With a background in design and marketing, his creations not only look and taste great, they also sound delicious! Not to mention his infamous reputation for instigating food fights in the kitchen!

Ryan started working in the food industry as part of family run businesses when he was 13. He bakes because it’s a ‘happy place’ and is thrilled to be creating and sharing the delicious treats. He is an avid dream-follower and a ‘live in the now’ kind of guy. Ryan’s also a bit of a mad scientist when it comes to baking – his thirst to understand the science behind baking is unquenchable and the creations he comes up with are truly inspired!

Together, we have created Joyful Indulgence as a tribute to the wonderful memories our moms created for us. Our bakeshop harkens back to a time when quality baked goods, made fresh from wholesome and all natural ingredients, infused with love and care, were treats you could be proud to share with those you loved. The treats you will enjoy at our bakeshop will make you feel good because you will always know they are free of artificial ingredients and preservatives – so go on, indulge!”

Back in our Boys Own Bakery days, we got together with Telus Optik TV to create a cookie segment – it still makes us giggle 🙂